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About project

The project "Marketing Information Databases" (Marketing.vc) is in the market since 1999 engaged in organization of services related to monitoring of information for its users, as well as being an effective full-range information analysis center.

The first users of the project "Marketing Information Databases" (Marketing.vc) were large international companies: Procter&Gamble, McDonald's, Tetra Pak.

Strictness of the first customers has determined style and high quality of services: objective analytics, verified statistical information, advisory assistance of competent experts, recommendations of reliable companies, organization of complex services.

The fact that 87 % of users became our regular customers, and 72 % signed long-term contracts (1 year and more) evidences appreciation of years- long activity of the project "Marketing Information Databases" (Marketing.vc)

Possession of information is the major and obligatory condition of present-day business. To make correct decisions, it is necessary to be constantly well informed about events, to be in the epicentre of the latest news. Fierce competition rules frequently result in advantage of those who have necessary information on hands at the right time.

All information in the project "Marketing Information Databases" (Marketing.vc) is presented in Russian.

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